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Meet The Team

Meet Cam

Growing up I found basketball later than my friends. It wasn’t till about eighth grade until I realized my passion for the sport. My father was very academic-based so it was up to me.

All I had was the Internet and the park next to my house. And in that journey of catching up to my friends and being named a captain Senior year of school, helped me realize how much I loved to work, train, and push myself to my limit. When I decided to go to community college after high school, I needed something to do, so I started training kids.

I immediately surround myself with some of the best trainers in the world, like Micah Lancaster, and DJ Sackmann. Here I started to realize that I could be a combo of both those guys! Then right before I finished Community College I helped my good friend Bobby Whyte when he was injured for several months.

There I started to train more college players including Nick DeAngelis, little did I know that Nick would someday have a passion for training kids like I do. I ended up going to school to get my 4 year degree in psychology from the university of New Hampshire where I graduated during covid quarantine.

When I got back, I formed the business and worked my way to having my first gym and here we are! I’m now one of the most sought out trainers in the state! I’m known for my ability to actually TEACH before training kids. My presence alone is a powerful, inspiring force around young kids.

Cameron Hoo

Founder & Owner, Next Play Prep

Meet Nick

Competition and individual growth continue to be my strongest passions. As a kid I played multiple sports, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized my true love and commitment to basketball.

My senior year of HS I started skills training, where my thirst for knowledge and ability increased rapidly. Prior to this, I had very minimal exposure to these types of in depth training methods. Fortunately, after my senior year I was able to venture off to play collegiate basketball at SUNY Plattsburgh, where I had an amazing 4-year career.

I created life long relationships, incredible memories and was able to learn from great coaches. When I was home for the summer going into my Junior year, I met Cameron Hoo running one of Bobby Whytes workouts. I immediately noticed Cam’s passion and attention to detail when we were both just developing 20 year olds.

Fast forward after graduating college in 2020 I landed a marketing job, but after about 3 years I realized that my passion still resided in basketball. I reached out to Cam hoping he was still in the training business and by the grace of God and the amicable spirit of Cam, he allowed me to start coming to the gym every day to learn from him.

This is merely the beginning of my journey as a rising trainer, and for Next Play Prep becoming a superpower in the basketball world…

Nick DeAngelis

Head Coach


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