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Professional Coaching

Personal Development

New Skills

Fun Environment

1-on-1 Training

Private lessons combined with personal development cultivate a strong relationship between us as mentors & coaches and the athlete. This is a safe place for players at all levels to get comfortable before exposing them to group workouts and teams.

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Group Training

We practice everything in group workouts at a more affordable cost compared to private training. The focuses for our group workouts are footwork, ball handling, body control, shooting mechanics, conditioning, situational decision making & much more. 

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Clinics are a great way to meet our team, and get to know us during an extended workout. Clinics are also a great way for players to spend their holidays breaks, or an off day during the weekend to continue their inspiration for education, and skill.

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Members are players committed to the weekly grind of becoming the player they want to be. Members understand that one of the most important aspects of growing as a player is by showing up consistently, seeking growth and habits above all else. Each membership also has its perks…see below.

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Court Rental

Are you looking for a place to train players? Run an AAU or High School practice? Maybe you just need a place to play pick up, or to clear your head while getting shots on the shooting gun. If any of these examples speak to you, we are here for you as an option to better your team or yourself… come rent our court.

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Drop In Sessions

Is your schedule filled with school, activities and other events during the week? With a busy weekly schedule, which most athletes have, another great way to check us out before fully committing is by dropping in for a one time fee ($50)

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Semi Private Training (2-4 Players)

Want to work out with your teammates or friends? If so, then semi-private workouts are the way to go. This package provides an intimate feel, while also allowing players to compete with 2-4 other athletes.

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Strength Training

Basketball is an extremely athletic and explosive sport that heavily encourages the implementation of strength training. We provide weight training, plyometrics, calisthenics, kettlebell and loaded mobility work along with the skill aspect of basketball.

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Next Play Prep is the go to company for Basketball training. 

We do not only train players, but we teach as well! We expose players to the highest basketball language and teach them how to think, talk, study, see and feel the game differently than anyone else. There are so many trainers out there that don’t even track players' workouts and progression! 

At Next Play we are organized, intelligent and above all INSPIRING FIGURES! We are the only training company in North NJ that is I’m Possible certified. An I’m Possible Certification is one of the highest level certifications to receive, leave alone retain.

This type of training leaves no stone unturned when it comes to teaching at all levels. This is the same education DJ Sackmann received before becoming a high level world traveling NBA trainer! Imagine your children’s science teachers not knowing about the periodic table or an English teacher not teaching students the alphabet…. At Next Play we go above and beyond and that is a guarantee.

Areas We Serve

We’re located in Wyckoff (Bergen County), New Jersey - Accessible from NY, CT. We have high level players from different countries traveling to seek training. 


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The Best Basketball Coaching In The  New Jersey Area


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